According to the BBC news, “HMRC crackdown yields record £23.9bn in additional tax”
HMRC activity is increasing and is becoming more targeted. So what can be done to reduce the burden of being subjected to a tax investigation?

Tax Avoidance – update

There has been a lot of public debate and column inches devoted to tax avoidance, but exactly what is the current position?

In a competitive market, finding and retaining the right people is one way to set your business apart from the rest. But recruiting and, crucially, retaining talent can be a time-consuming and unpredictable process.

Haines Watts’ latest comprehensive White Paper shows you how to find and employ people who will contribute to the growth of your business. And, when you do get them on board, how providing the right development opportunities will help ensure they stay with you for the long haul.

Giving staff more responsibility as well as a voice in the running of the business is often a good motivator.