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Following the Spring Budget announcement there are a series of changes to the UK tax rates that you need to be aware of.

To give you a quick overview of the changes, we've produced a short guide to the 2017/18 Tax Rates that's free to download.


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So it’s goodbye Spring Budget…

Today’s Budget brought just a handful of things that affect business owners – so we’ll explain these and tell you the 5 things you should do now

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HMRC can single out businesses for random tax and VAT checks. An investigation may be unavoidable, but you can control it.

Changes in patterns or inconsistencies can alert HMRC to a potential issue. Explanatory text submitted with the tax returns will help HMRC understand the figures.

To reduce the chance of error, maintain good, accurate records and robust systems. Getting your returns and payments in on time gives you the best chance of avoiding an inspection.

You are less likely to be penalised if you have sound systems and make a genuine mistake. Errors resulting from poor systems or lack of controls are likely to result in higher penalties.

Spotted an error? Tell HMRC in writing and make the correction. Penalties can be reduced, sometimes even to nil, where you are open and honest about an error.

Get your returns in on time - delays just attract attention.

Pay your taxes and VAT on time.

Double check your figures before submitting them and keep good business records.

Tell HMRC if you've make a mistake - honesty is the best policy.


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