As you begin a new year you may be looking at how to manage the business growth you envisage.

The transition of a business from small to medium sized is a challenging time for business owners, as they go from being in control of every aspect to realising the need to hand over responsibility to others.

There are some steps that need to be taken to ensure the standards which have been central to your success so far are maintained.

Finding key individuals is important, but time needs to be invested in training and encouragement to ensure they work to the high standards expected in your company. Eventually, this means that day-to-day you can refer work to people down the chain of command with confidence. This frees you up to concentrate on taking the business forward.

Atttitude is an important management skill. Its about finding solutions, not problems. You need to train and mentor your managers so they know what is expected of them. This will enable them to supply you with work to the high standards you require. They need you to allow them the freedom to then demand those same high standards from those further down the chain. This results in everyone knowing what is expected of them and being focused on maintaining the high levels you expect.

So, why do some owner-managers fall into the micro-management trap? It can often be down to a lack of confidence or a fear of loss of control, but if you put strong people in key positions with the skills and knowledge to perform well, they can provide you with a strong backbone of support and management. It is however essential that you provide ongoing training and mentoring so you are arming them with the right skills to continue to take your business forward and reward your trust.

Finally, it is important not to forget how vital it is to put robust systems and processes in place and keep them up to date. Put strong people in charge of those systems and test them regularly to ensure they remain effective.


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